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Highlights of HACo

HearingAidsCompany.com is established by internationally trained Hearing Professionals with more than 10 years of expertise in Hearing Aid Technology & Research.
We aim to provide best suitable and latest hearing aid TECHNOLOGY for all ages from New-born to Elderly. We don’t only provide hearing aids we take proper CARE of it. You can TRUST us 100%.
Our recent expansion of services includes Home-Visits (as per the need) and Online Consultations. Home visits are blend of Science and Empathy.
The primary strength of HearingAidsCompany.com is its REACH. It helps us to provide fastest available solution to any of your hearing problem. This comes from our distinguished “Channel Partners”.

Choose HACo?

HearingAidsCompany.com or in short HACo – Your Hearing BFF
We provide Counselling, Fitting and guidance of usage to you and your family member’s regular care and maintenance as our primary focus. HACo.com provides servicing and repairs for any existing device.
Often lack of expertise in hearing aid fitting causes limited benefits from hearing aids, even of best technology. Our Audiologists are trained with New Methods of Hearing Aid Fittings to practically enhance benefit to the customer.

HACo takes care of the hearing of you and your family members like its own family member. We keep our customers’ updates about the latest technology developing in hearing aid industry. Remind customer about necessary purchases (especially batteries) and help in the maintenance (servicing and repairs) of hearing aids in the most convenient way.

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The HACo Services

  • Hearing loss identification.
  • Assessments of hearing loss.
  • Professional counselling of the available treatment options.
  • Hearing aid fitting by the expert Audiologists/ENT consultation
  • Hearing aid selection based on patient requirement.
  • Cochlear implant candidacy. Cochlear implantation. Auditory verbal therapy.
  • Hearing aid's batteries accessories and upgradation
  • Cochlear implants with care and maintenance.

“ Latest Rehabilitation Services ”


Does your loved one live away from you, with Hearing Loss?
No worries, Book an appointment with us..!


The Diagnostic audiologic evaluation may be indicated for individuals who did not pass an initial hearing screening. READ MORE


Rehabilitation or rehab for short, help people we learn skills that they have lost. Hearing rehab helps you get used to your hearing loss READ MORE

Hearing & Speech Therapy

At Hearing Aids Company, our speech and language pathologists will work with the patient one-on-one, in small groups READ MORE

End-to-End Consultation

This is the very first step to the process towards your improvement by checking your hearing ability with the help of our READ MORE

Hearing Aids Care & Maintenance

You’ve invested in hearing aids and now you are enjoying life with better hearing. READ MORE

Home Visits & Counselling

At HACo, healthy hearing for all is our top priority. Through hearing health care at home, we offer hearing READ MORE

We provide the best care and counselling in your presence or via video calling, to ensure them that nothing stopped caring they deserve from you.

Channel partner benefits

  • Audiology equipment’s and hearing aids at competitive prices
  • Clinical set-up & Installation
  • Planning and strategy
  • Marketing support
  • Be part of our innovations
  • Participation in our research studies and articles.
  • Involvement in our future growth and network.
  • Pickup and Repair of Old Audiology Equipment

Become a Channel Partner Today

Includes a vast network of channel partners across india, Partnered with 100+ audiologists with 100% commitment and dedication till today to achieve mutual success of 1000%.

Required Qualifications

Audiologists (with a minimum Bachelor degree) who are recognized by RCI to perform the assessment of hearing loss/prescribing and fitting hearing aids.