At HACo, healthy hearing for all is our top priority. Through hearing health care at home, we offer hearing assessments, hearing tests, counselling, information and dispensing of hearing aids and assistive listening devices all you will experience in the comfort of your home.

How We Work: -

Whether you want to use hearing aid for the first time or want to replace the existing one, we will help you find the one that is right for your hearing loss at a low price in India.

Our expert audiologist will visit your home and examine your ears to check Ear wax build-up and conduct a full hearing test to determine your level of hearing. After the completion of this process, they will discuss the results and also all the suitable options for your hearing impairment needs.

Following are the services provided at your home by HACo: -

Hearing Test: - A basic hearing test will be done to determine the patient degree and type of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Trial & Fitting: - HACo provides free trial and fitting of hearing aids for their patients in the comfort level of their home.

Speech Therapy: - One of our expert speech therapists will visit the patient at his/her residence and analyze their speech- language pathology. As based on the report a set of speech therapy sessions at regular time intervals will be conducted at the patient’s residence.

Hearing Aid accessories delivery: - HACo provides door delivery of hearing aid batteries to its clients/patients.

HACo welcomes referrals for individuals who are in need for the hearing aid services in the convenience of their home.

You just need to book an appointment or contact us online. We are here to help you!


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