Rehabilitation or rehab for short, help people we learn skills that they have lost. Hearing rehab helps you get used to your hearing loss. It helps you use your hearing aids and other devices to help you hear again. You will work with an audiologist to plan your treatment.

General steps included in rehab program: -

  1. Assessment and impact of hearing loss
  2. Assessment for the use of hearing aids or assistive listening devices
  3. Assessment of listening strategies and speech reading skills
  4. Developing a treatment program including the family
  5. Delivery of the treatment program

Treatment strategies: -

How to listen again?

Hearing rehabilitation can help you get used to the sounds and also improves your listening skills.

How to use visual cues?

When you cannot hear well, you use your eyes even more. One way to use your eyes is by speech reading.

Listening Devices: -

  1. TV
  2. FM
  3. Microphones
  4. Telephones and Amplifiers

How to improve communications?

✔ Talk with others
✔ Set up your home
✔ Handle noise, outside of your house


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